Here at Comprehensive Health Physical Rehab  Center, we are dedicated to helping you reduce your pain and heal your injuries with non-invasive treatment options. Part of those treatment options include physical rehabilitation combined with massage therapy, which provides numerous physical and mental benefits.

Decrease Healing Times

Acute and chronic injuries cause pain, inflammation and loss of range of motion and flexibility. Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy help reduce inflammation while facilitating proper joint function. Massage therapy also has the added benefit of increasing circulation and lowering blood pressure. When these treatments are combined their benefits result in improved recovery times and an increase in quality of life.

Facilitate Feelings of Well-Being

Many people suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. These feelings can negative affect your body as well as your mind in the form of tense muscles, headaches and lowered immune system function. Getting a massage combined with physical rehabilitation can alleviate your stress as well as the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Increase Effectiveness of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are essential for ensuring that the spine and extremity joints are properly aligned and functioning correctly, but tight ligaments, tendons and muscles can reduce their effectiveness. Receiving a massage prior to you adjustment helps loosen tight muscles and ligaments, which makes for an easier and more stable adjustment that lasts longer.

Lower Chronic and Acute Pain

Massage therapy and physical rehabilitation are essential for rapidly reducing chronic and acute pain. They help individuals with repetitive motion injuries, car accident injuries, herniated discs and sciatica as well as many other types of musculoskeletal injuries and ailments. Individuals that receive massage therapy as well as spinal adjustments on a regular basis will experience a noticeable reduction in their pain and a reduced need to take OTC and prescription pain medications and anti-inflammatories.

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How has receiving physical rehabilitation along with massage therapy benefited you?