If you suffer from back pain, odds are you’ve tried nearly anything to get relief. From costly medications to naturopathic remedies, you’ve tried it and you’re still in pain. But have you tried physical rehabilitation for back pain? It’s non-invasive, effective, and it works. Read on to learn more about how our Metuchen chiropractor can help you find lasting relief from back pain.

How Chiropractors Help Back Pain 

When the joints, bones, and ligaments of your back, neck, or spine are misaligned, you feel pain. DIY remedies like rest, ice, and stretching might alleviate pain – for a short time. Unfortunately, when you become active again, the pain returns. To find full relief you must address the underlying cause of your back pain – and this is where chiropractors can help.

Chiropractors can fix pain for good by bringing the joints, bones, and ligaments back into proper alignment to decrease pressure and minimize pinching and pain. Chiropractors also return your joints to their full range of motion so that you can move freely without pain.

Your chiropractor will use hands or tools to make gentle adjustments. If you have inflammation, we may gently massage the soft tissue during an adjustment to soothe inflammation and speed healing. Many of our patients find treatment sessions relaxing. After a visit, your chiropractor might make lifestyle advice, suggest complementary treatments, or offer general health and wellness tips that can help you minimize your risks of back pain.

What to Expect in a Chiropractor Visit

If you are having your first visit to a chiropractor, you can expect a comprehensive examination that includes mobility testing, physical examination, and other tests to determine the extent of your pain. Our staff will then prepare an individualized treatment plan that may include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, occupational therapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, and more.

Most of the time, back pain require a series of treatments. However, many of our patients report feeling better after even just one visit.

Have you ever seen a chiropractor for back pain? If so, tell us your success story below.