Physical Therapy Services for the Metuchen, NJ, Area

At the Comprehensive Health and Physical Rehab & Chiropractic Center, we practice a multifaceted approach to helping our patients achieve full recovery from sports injuries, car accident injuries, back pain, sciatica and other types of injuries. This is why we skillfully combine physical rehabilitation and physical therapy to help patients, young and seasoned. This approach accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself and empowers you to get back to living an active, pain-free life faster. Our physical therapist develops an individual treatment plan just for you.

Physical Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation Working Together

Comprehensive Health and Physical Rehab & Chiropractic Center has a full suite of physical therapy equipment in Metuchen, NJ and we work with patients of all ages. We strive to understand your unique needs as we develop our treatment plan. We collaborate directly with the other staff and you on the exercises, stretches and other physiotherapy techniques to provide pain relief, bolster your core strength, improve your range of motion and help you avoid future injuries and achieve your personal health goals. While our providers will help you achieve proper spinal posture for nervous system relief, our physical therapy team specifically helps strengthen and heal the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) that support your spine and body. Our win-win combination includes help with:

  • Sports Medicine: While we are specifically trained and experienced to provide healing of sports injuries, this experience can also help us help you overcome a car accident injury or work injury as well, since the main goal is to help you recover strength, range of motion and stamina, both in the injury site as well as overall.
  • Exercise Coaching: We will teach and observe you as you perform exercises and stretches, both with equipment and without. We help you perform each exercise with the proper ergonomics so that you will get the most healing benefit and avoid any future injuries stemming from improper form.
  • Physiotherapy: In addition to teaching you the stretches and exercises, we can enhance the healing and pain relief with ice and heat, ultrasound, massage and more. These additional techniques reduce inflammation and stiffness while also improving circulation and relaxing musculoskeletal tensions.

Physical Therapy is Great for Back Pain and Sciatica

Physical therapy helps you overcome a wide range of injuries in the entire body, but it is also particularly helpful, in combination with chiropractic adjustments, for back pain and sciatica relief. This is because our PT team focuses heavily on helping patients build their core muscle strength and flexibility through exercises and yoga-based stretching. When your abdominal, side and back muscles are strong and limber, your spine is stronger and better protected from future injury.

To experience the comprehensive healing of combining highly-skilled chiropractic and physical therapy in Metuchen, NJ with the convenience of doing it all under one roof, schedule an appointment with us today by calling (732) 243-9890.