Aches and pains may seem like a permanent part of life, but with natural pain management available, no one should live with unnecessary pain. For those of us who would rather not take a pill for every twinge, natural pain management offers a safe, effective and proven alternative to medications.

Here are the top three benefits of choosing to manage your neck pain or back pain naturally:

1. You can treat the underlying cause of pain, not just mask the pain.

Traditional medical treatments, such as medication, offer temporary relief by numbing your brain’s ability to understand pain, but the original cause of the pain is still there. Natural pain management, such as adjustments performed by our Houston chiropractor, helps to solve the problem that results in your pain. Eventually, you may not experience any pain at all.

2. You can enhance your overall well-being.

Physical rehabilitation realigns your spine to create a healthier foundation for your body’s health. This reduces back pain and lowers your risk for future injuries or illnesses. Similarly, massage therapy encourages your body to swap out cortisol (a stress hormone) for endorphins, a “feel-good” chemical that strengthens your body and makes you feel more positive and alert.

3. You can speed up your recovery from injury or illness.

Massage therapy stimulates increased flow of fresh, oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. This life-giving substance helps your body heal more quickly by providing all the nutrients that your injury needs. At the same time, your blood flushes out any toxins that are blocking the healing process and causing pain.

Our Houston Chiropractor Provides Natural Pain Management

At Advanced Chiropractic Relief, we believe that back pain and neck pain can be addressed naturally by finding and treating the underlying source of pain. If you are in pain, we will work with you to restore your lifestyle, function and mobility while striving for optimal health.

Has natural pain management helped you? Share your experience in the comments below!